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Want a Rural Shed?

AAA Sheds and Patios can create the ideal rural shed solution for your property. With over a decade of experience in the steel building industry. Our team has a commitment to delivering functional sheds that work for our clients. Without a doubt, commitment is second to none.

Custom Designed Rural Sheds

AAA Sheds and Patios specialise in farm sheds, with designs and layouts, that will maximise your rural property. Firstly, we will discuss your planned use and storage requirements. Secondly, determine a suitable building plan. Agricultural sheds of all shapes and sizes are possible. What’s more, we have worked with numerous clients. Without a doubt, if you require, hay sheds machinery sheds, as well as, storage buildings, workshops, and barns. Call your committed team at AAA Sheds and Patios.

When you want easy access to machinery, and equipment, an open front sheds is ideal. Height, Span, and Lengths are adjustable in 100mm increments. Additionally, bay widths are adjustable and can be changed to suit along the gutter side of your shed. Large 12-metre bay widths are also possible via beam, so even those with large headers or other agricultural machinery you can protect your assets. In fact, flexible shed designs to suit rural properties

Any or all of the bays of your farm shed can be enclosed. A modern and efficient property workshop may have both, open and enclosed areas. Often featuring one or two lock-ups with any number of open bays. Fully enclosed sheds offer the maximum level of protection. Steel sliding doors, P/A doors and a variety of roller door sizes are available. This will provide you with the access you need. Dividing walls, insulation, and ventilation are also on hand to create the internal layout and environment you want.

Rural Sheds Manufactured Locally

Based on the Northern Rivers Coast of New South Wales. We can service the entire state and across Australia. Our sheds are manufactured locally in Australia by any one of our core Australian steel roll-formers. As a result, the manufacturing plant closest to your site will take care of the cold-form steel pressing, along with the production of the BlueScope Steel frames. Also, they will prepare the roofing and cladding for your shed. What’s more, they also consolidate the building and manage the delivery to your site.

Local Products. Local People