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Want Optional Extras?

Indeed, there are optional extras available. While adding function, and value, to your new shed. Of course, many optional extras are essential. Such as trying to get the best out of your new area. Firstly you could start with a roller door, next a window, lastly, finish the design off with insulation. As a result, you’ll have a shed everyone wants to use.

Optional Vehicle Access:

Also, optional doors are available in a variety of sizes. While steel sliding doors are possible, for a large shed design. Also, the use of a single roller door can make life easy. Or Additionally, a roller door at each end can provide drive through access. What’s more, you can have roller doors side by side, giving you additional easy access.

Optional Foot Traffic Access:

For example, adding a personal access door for your ease of access. In this case, with the use of an entrance door, you don’t need to open the roller door every time. Besides, foot traffic options make the everyday use of your new shed a breeze. For example, many customers add a personal access door as well as, a sliding-glass-door. Certainly, making the most of their new design.

Optional Environment Enhancers:

Additionally, have you thought about upping the comfort level in your new space? Adding things such as windows and skylights will improve the use of your shed. In brief, your shed will become a place you’ll never want to leave.

Optional Division:

In fact, customers who need more space can make easy and straightforward changes. While adding internal walls can create separated areas. Also providing security zones is achievable. What’s more, with a Mezzanine floor, you can create more storage. For example, a place for boxes and other items. On the whole, adding extra levels gives you all the options you need.

Local Products, Local People