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Want to see some of our Projects?

Big projects, small projects, easy and hard. However, you need or want your project to look AAA Sheds and Patios, have the experience to cater for every need. Home, Farm, Commercial.

Best little tool shed in Texas.

Simple and secure, small tool shed at rear of home.

Rural Shed.

Here is an example of a cost-effective investment on a rural property. Simple shed with Roller door, P/A door and Window with an awing for cover.


Compact Storage Projects

One of our storage projects recently constructed in the upper NSW region. Dispite the need for 24 storage units under one roof and matching local planning. We were able to help our customer combined 3m x 3m and 6m x 3m units to maximise space. The result is a combination of storage rental units available for hire.


How Big Can We Go?

Are your projects big or small? For example, do you need to start small and get bigger? Without a doubt, with smart designs, you can make your building as large as you need. Whats more, you can even add to it at a later time. For example, to increase the size. It all comes down to what you need and when you need it.


Steel Sliding Doors

How big is your equipment? For example, is a standard roller door big enough to get your machinery through. What’s more, are there options to choose from to make your shed useable? For example, have you been thinking about steel sliding doors? Firstly, they are big, easy to use and more importantly, they can be designed to suit your needs.



Are you affected by the changing temperatures? For example, do you work in a shed that is too hot in summer or too cold in winter? Because we work, with you, to design your shed. Naturally, you have the option to use insulation. Without a doubt, this could make the difference between having a workable space or not.


Welded Frames

There are three main steel construction frame types, that best suit Australia. While Steel Panel and  Steel Portal are the most common used today, Steel Welded Frames also play a key role. Besides, each type has its benefits and disadvantages. In any case, AAA Sheds and Patios can help you, design your shed to best suit your needs, your property and your budget.

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